Episode 4: ICE Be Centralising, Binance Be Decentralising

By Ahmed Al-Balaghi — Member of FinTech Connector / Dubai


In this episode, Ahmed and Faisal touch on the SEC’s delay on deciding the way forward with a bitcoin ETF and the effects of that on the crypto market. The hosts discuss the response of this decision along with the view point of some domain leaders like Vitalil Buterin.

The Binance decentralised demo is covered too along with how decentralised exchanges function and how they are actually governed. This is also contrasted with the other side of the spectrum with the Intercontinental Exchange recently reporting that they will be launching a new Digital Asset Exchange called Bakkt in November of this year!

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Finally, the hosts discuss Tezos’s research grant announcement as well as recent news on the Emerging Markets which also concerns exchanges!

All of the above and more will be on this week’s episode of Encrypted!

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