From Brand Intelligence To Fintelligence - Three Use Cases

By Mary Olson — Co-founder & Master FinTech Connector & Founder & CEO Mary Olson Brand Intelligence

By way of introduction for those of you that don’t know me, I have been an open source design and technology pioneer who believes in the power of critical design thinking, brand experience and innovative platform development to drive connections, engagements, and business growth.

My day job with my interdisciplinary creative and technology teams helps scores of visionary entrepreneurs, highly motivated innovation teams, and remarkable individuals define and market themselves.

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More recently, I have co-founded and co-created an exclusive professional networking and global membership community with Angel Lorente, at FinTech Connector. The vision of FinTech Connector is to connect professionals, thought leaders, and investors (the “Enablers”) with Fintech entrepreneurs, start-ups, and idea generators (the “Innovators”) via real-world communities and an online platform to collaborate on initiatives and cultivate Fintech ideas into financial services innovation. [See Use Case #2]

I saw the writing on the wall in 2016. My brand intelligence market was being eclipsed by the digital disruption that was moving forward at mach speed. I searched Google to find the genesis of Financial Services and new, revolutionary technology. MIT Experimental Learning was offering a prescient course, MIT Fintech: Future Commerce.

I joined the second cohort and was the lone branding and marketing firm among 2,700 financial and technology colleagues overall. For me, engaging the language and disciplines of Fintech innovation was an unprecedented opportunity to pivot my firm to serve an entirely new market of innovators, professionals, and investors.

The great common denominator among the total addressable financial services and technology market segment of 64 million (1) is that every one of us has pivoted traditional careers to the digital transformation world. Financial services and technology are demonstrating a disruptive trajectory. It is a new, discerning world for brand identities and marketing.

Here are three high-value branding and design use cases as the result of my digital transformation: 

  1. Michael J. Casey (Individual Branding),

  2. FinTech Connector (The Global Fintech Community), and

  3. Vments (The digital banking and ecosystem start-up).

All three demonstrate new creative thinking and unique narratives for the next generation of leadership to guide the Blockchain landscape, Fintech and new technologies, and the future of banking.

The skillsets we applied across the three case studies included critical thinking, online business planning, strategic branding and design, Web and mobile responsive design, original content creation, data management, front-end, and back-end development, and PR and marketing.



Responsibilities: Engagement Strategies, Brand Identity, and Website Design & Configuration

Michael Casey outlines a sweeping vision of how new technologies are empowering people and upending business models, and radically redefining society.

Photography: Tim Lofthouse and Pentagram.

Photography: Tim Lofthouse and Pentagram.

Photography: Tim Lofthouse and Pentagram.

Photography: Tim Lofthouse and Pentagram.

In designing Michael Casey’s brand identity and website, our creative thought leader, Stefan Killen and I had two goals — to recreate Casey’s intelligence, energy, and value as a global thought leader, and give visitors a high-value user-experience that was not only clear and intuitive, but also consistent with his new brand identity.

As in all our work, we insisted that every detail of the site’s content — its design, language, and photography —should point towards a clear experience of Michael’s brand. The site’s clean; minimalist design and large black and white photography strip away any unnecessary decoration, emphasizing the authenticity and intelligence of Michael’s brand, while the highlight greens point to his contemporary positioning and accessibility.

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Responsibilities: Strategic thinking, business modeling, branding, Web & mobile responsive design, site configuration, technology layers, cloud media solutions, member profile platform, messaging platform, blog, eCommerce, matching AI platform, TV & Podcast Media Network, tokenization, Investor Platform.

In 2017, I met Angel Lorente at one of his MIT FinTech Connector Meetups. We began a narrative to evolve his conceptual framework of a connected Fintech community into a high-value brand and a world-class member-driven technology platform. Our mission evolved to connect the global Fintech community and revolutionize the way enablers and innovators connectcollaborate, and cultivate Fintech ideas into financial services innovation

Designing, branding and transforming FinTech Connector has been an exciting outgrowth of my career as a digital strategist and especially my passion for framing visionary businesses. The combination of a brilliant creative and technology team and the daily collaboration with Angel Lorente, a genuine Fintech visionary and innovative thought leader have produced new design thinking that is driving value, growth, member engagement, and market influence.

Profile from the Fintech Connector Member Platform. Get acquainted with Steve Wasserman.

Profile from the Fintech Connector Member Platform. Get acquainted with Steve Wasserman.



Steven Wasserman, CEO/Founder/Architect

Responsibilities: Strategic advising, critical creative thinking, online business model, high-value branding, Web & mobile responsive design, investor pitch presentations, PR and strategic communications.

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Steve Wasserman’s conceptual origination of the Vments platform and ecosystem evolved during his Capstone Project when he attended the MIT Fintech: Future Commerce course. Today, he is leading the POC with a Tier 1 development firm. Vments seems genuinely destined to be the next unicorn that facilitates the future of banking.

Vments is the global enterprise digital banking platform, an ecosystem through an open API platform that improves interoperability and enables intuitive user-experiences bringing behind the scenes digital money and transaction adoption to banking customers and communities.

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Steve Wasserman, CEO & Founder at Vments Inc.

Steve Wasserman, CEO & Founder at Vments Inc.

"My collaboration with Mary Olson on the Vments digital banking platform and ecosystem was an outgrowth of MIT’s Fintech Future Commerce course and the support of Angel Lorente, the Master Connector of FinTech Connector.

Mary provided critical editing, structuring, and clarity to Vments positioning and business plan. She also provided strategic brand identity, Web and mobile responsive design, and strategic communications to help establish our investor, client and partner engagement processes."

I highly recommend Mary Olson. She is an indispensable collaborator and knows how to articulate the value of a visionary financial technology venture."



Beau Geste

Experience transferred from one industry to another enhances all digital projects. My early career focused on media and entertainment companies that encompassed iconic luxury brands like Swiss Airlines, Mercedes-Benz, 21 Club, Temple St. Clair, and Beau Geste Luxury. Innovative financial organizations included TIGER 21 and Neuberger-Berman. Arts & Museums included Steuben Crystal and The Corning Museum of Glass.

Speaking Engagements

My guest speaking engagements on brand intelligence and digital business innovation include NYU Stern School of Business MBA Program; Columbia Business School, MBA Program; Center for Global Digital Brand Leadership; New York City Bar Association; Women President’s Organization; Luxury Marketing CEO Summit; POWArts, and Rutgers University Business School.


(1) LinkedIn – Sales Navigator (8/12/2018)



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