Episode 16: What Is All The Buzz About Security Tokens?

By Ahmed Al-Balaghi — Member of FinTech Connector / Dubai


Ahmed is at the World Blockchain Summit where he records episode 16!

He is joined by Loauy Al-Doory from Kambio Ventures and Saeed Al-Darmaki from Binary Financial to take a deep dive into the world of security tokens.

The three distill the concept of security tokens; what they are, how they operate, the problems it can solve and also its difference with utility tokens.

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The taxonomy of security tokens is discussed as well as its similarity to traditional market offerings. Ahmed then starts the discussion regarding the customisation of security tokens and whether these will be breaking new ground compared to offerings from traditional markets.

Current market players operating in the space are explored as well as thoughts on the challenges we must solve which will allow security tokens to flourish and be accepted.

Louay also talks about the economics and multiplier effects and how they relate to security tokens.

All of the above and more will be on this week’s episode of Encrypted!

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