A Revolutionary Alliance: Scale With Meaning

By Mary Olson — Co-founder at FinTech Connector & Chief Brand & Technology Officer

Cherie Aimée and I have been enjoying the process of getting better acquainted and exploring her upcoming role as an advisor to FinTech Connector.  She was especially interested in aspects of the brand story, sustainability, and innovation for a worldwide common good. 

Cherie Aimée is a digital transformation rock-star with an incredible story line.

Aimée is a #1 best-selling author, media writer, innovative leader, global connector, brand influencer and leadership expert, entrepreneur, public speaker, community builder, former computer programmer, innovative technology enthusiast, consultant, columnist, blogger, featured national TV guest, advisory manager, global traveler, Female Leader of the Year, ranked #6 of the Top 100 Most Influential Women In Blockchain, Top 100 Women In Fintech, and Ambassador to New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center. 

Cherie’s personal ethos has placed others above herself throughout her career. She has a world-changing impact on everyone she meets all across the globe and at every touchpoint among everyone engaged in today’s digital transformation. 

It is no surprise that Cherie spent four years building her personal brand. By 2018, she had evolved as a globally recognized influencer in technology with humanity at her core. 

Her transformative pivot in 2019 focuses clearly on leadership with meaning, aligning with like-minded experts, generously sharing knowledge, and guiding the worldwide common good.  

We discussed many aspects of an ideal alignment with FinTech Connector as she was deciding to join our advisory board. The mind-meld was extraordinary.  We shared a mutual sense that the stars were beautifully aligned as we asked questions and listened to each other’s thoughts.

  • What are the most significant questions and where could they lead? 

  • What is the point of advising (in Cherie’s case) or building a for-profit high-tech community platform (as in Angel’s and my case) unless every aspect is grounded in meaningfully understanding the necessity to empower people, define identities, support innovation, and do good for the world?  

  • How would we envision a revolutionary alliance?   

  • What new level of shared insights and strategic collaborations can be achieved between our brands and us?   

  • FinTech Connector has a brilliant business framework. Is a part of the story missing?

  • Is any part of the brand identity and brand experience missing in the brand positioning and value proposition?

  • How do we make a meaningful difference in people’s lives? A difference that produces ever-expanding value through connecting, collaborating and cultivating Fintech ideas into financial services innovations.

  • How do we apply a high-touch, trusted, transparent real-world personal approach to a brilliant digital vision like FinTech Connector and then scale it?

FinTech Connector is a mission-driven organization connecting people for impact.  We are revolutionizing the way organizations, professionals, and entrepreneurs connect, collaborate, and cultivate Fintech ideas into financial services innovation using cutting-edge technology, a token-driven ecosystem to encourage and reward engagement, and “real world” community hubs.

We have an elegant and transparent environment that illuminates our member’s identities, visions, and experience. 

As the NY Times opinion writer, David Brooks wrote on February 18th, “Just creating that social identity and that sense of mutual purpose is an act of great power.” 

FinTech Connector has been curating member growth one-by-one through personal connections, word-of-mouth, social media, and a discerning member sign-up process. In this relationship-driven network, personal profiles and identities attract meaningful professional relationships that, in turn, produce supportive innovations to create a future for people by making a significant difference in their lives.

How do you galvanize a community for mutual purpose? Can meaning scale? Can relationships scale? 

Brooks says, “If you can change the lens through which people see the world, then you can change the way people want to be in this world and act in the world.”

As Angel Lorente, Chief Master Connector at FinTech Connector says, “When I first envisioned FinTech Connector back in late 2016, my goal was to connect professionals and entrepreneurs in the fintech space. What I quickly realized as I spoke to more people around the world was that it is not only about connecting people for business purposes but about connecting people for true impact.

What is impact outside of business - personal development, fulfillment of purpose, and helping others to spark an idea that grows into an innovation that will help people around the world.

More importantly, I started meeting people like my Co-founder Mary Olson and adviser Cherie Aimée, that have a similar vision around creating meaning and mutual purpose. Lucky for me, the stars were aligned, and here we are today at the beginning of what will be a significant relationship to connect the fintech community for IMPACT.”

Angel further adds, “We have achieved so much, and we can't wait for what comes next.”

We are excited about our alignment with Cherie Aimée, the totally fearless and revolutionary advisor, communicator, and influencer. Cherie envisions a storyline that forges personal meaning for each connection so creativity and innovation can take root and scale and ultimately serve the global common good.

Somewhere within this amazing narrative lies a revolutionary model based on meaning and shared purpose that transcends business norms. Meaning and shared purpose are the galvanizing factors that we are committed to evolving, not only as a brand experience but building our global member culture.


Mary Olson is the Co-founder & Chief Brand and Tech Officer at FinTech Connector. Mary is also Founder of MARY OLSON / BRAND INTELLIGENCE, a full-service creative design, and technology innovation studio.


LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maryolsonbiz/



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