FinTech Connector Member Summary - July 2019

By Angel Lorente - Founder & Master Connector - FinTech Connector

Our mission is to connect people, opportunities, and capital to innovate financial services for global impact. In order to do this effectively, it is important to be transparent about how our FinTech Connector community is growing and where we are seeing opportunities around the world.

The purpose of our member summary is to provide insights into where our members are from, how they hear about us, and more importantly what they are looking for as enablers and innovators.

Here is the summary for the month of July.

We continue to see our member platform grow with new members from around the world.

As of July 2019, we had 1,313 members from 78 countries that have joined with New York, London, and Panama City representing the top three cities with the most members. To put it in perspective, New York City at close to 400 members has more than 4X more members on the platform than the next city, London.

Two member types are represented on our platform:

  • Enablers - financial services and business professionals, executives, investors, subject matter experts, and various thought leaders

  • Innovators - tech entrepreneurs, fintech start-ups, and C-suite level executives at fintech companies

Currently, over 57% of our members are enablers, but we are seeing an increase in the number of innovators that are joining our member platform over the past few months.

Our goal is to have a balance of enablers and innovators over the long term and be able to connect them to work on initiatives and build the next generation of fintech innovation.

While LinkedIn has consistently been the primary source of new members, we are seeing an increase in sign-ups based on referrals from members and our network of Community Partners.

We continue to encourage members to use the ‘Invite your colleagues’ function when they sign-in to the Member Platform to invite their professional and entrepreneurial network to join FinTech Connector.

July is the first month we took a deeper dive into the make-up of our members, including the areas of most significant interest as shown in the slide above.

It is empowering for everyone to view information that is not accessible anywhere else in the fintech sphere. Not only does it inform you, but we can improve our approach to fulfilling our mission by connecting people, opportunities, and capital. In the end, the data allows all of us to innovate competitively in specific areas of financial services.

It is evident from our 1,300 members that both enablers and innovators are in agreement on the top three areas of fintech ecosystem interest:

  • Blockchain Innovation & Technology

  • Digital / Open Banking

  • Cryptocurrency - Financial Services

It is good to see that the areas of member focus above represents key areas where financial institutions and technology companies are expressing both interest and investment of time, people, and capital, i.e. increase in the number of digital-only banks in Europe, Facebook entering the cryptocurrency space with their Libra coin, or JP Morgan issuing the JPM Coin.

While the information presented is a picture of our global community, we will be providing cuts of this data by region to see how trends evolve by city/country.

As it relates to opportunities sought after and services requested, there are many opportunities to connect enablers and innovators to collaborate on initiatives and drive forward innovation.

Clearly, as it relates to the top three areas of interest, our enabler members are interested in helping innovators with business development and start-up advisory services to help take an idea to MVP or MVP to start-up or start-up to scale. On the flip side, the innovator members are looking for investor introductions particularly for angel and seed funding at the early stage.

Our objective as we continue with the build of FinTech Connector is to connect enablers and innovators regardless of region, to help collaborate on fintech ideas and cultivate some of these ideas into fintech innovation.

To conclude, as our platform continues to grow with quality professionals, investors, and fintech entrepreneurs, the information we collect and share with our exclusive community will allow us to be laser-focused on how we lead the charge in creating the next generation of fintech innovation.

We ask you to please share this blog with your network, provide comments, and let us know if you are interested in seeing any particular insights of our growing fintech community.

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DISCLAIMER: We do not share any personal information that is provided by our members and we will not provide information in our member summary updates that may disclose or jeopardize the confidence and anonymity of the members and organizations that are a part of our global community.