Mexico City

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Mexico City has established itself as the 2nd biggest Latin American Fintech Ecosystem with over 330 startups. The country's financial structure is starting to show disruption in different areas. Nevertheless, innovators need guidance and knowledge from more developed and inclusive financial systems. Financial transformation represents an excellent opportunity for the country and foreign investment. Working for deeper financial inclusion in the country and above average returns makes Mexico City an ideal objective for the community to create positive impact.



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Miguel Basurto

Miguel is a passionate technology and finance enthusiast, currently searching for the best Fintech entrepreneurs in the Mexican ecosystem to connect with the Fintech Connector Community and generate high-level disruption in the country.

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Sofia Gamboa De La Parra

Experience in public and private finance, actually working in a fintech firm as Financial Director, I studied International Relations, an MBA, several courses about finance, and I am Fintech cohort at MIT.

Angel Lorente