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Beijing is the beating heart of China's rapidly evolving and ever-innovating Fintech industry. Many of the country's leading Fintech companies, funds, and accelerators are located here. As the seat of power of the second largest national economy in the world, Beijing is where government and commerce meet. For Fintech companies and professionals looking to make connections or break into the opaque and challenging Chinese market, there is no better starting place than Beijing.



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Noah Maizels

Noah Maizels is an American marketing professional and technology enthusiast involved in blockchain since 2014. He is a fluent Mandarin speaker and China specialist who has been living and working in China since 2012. Noah has an intimate knowledge of the blockchain industry in China, and a wide array of connections within the industry.

As the FinTech Connector partner in Beijing, Noah is leading the organization of events to promote blockchain and Fintech education, as well as to connect industry professionals, founders, and influencers. His goal is to organize events to share the insights of world-class thought leaders and entrepreneurs, while also creating valuable networking opportunities for all attendees.

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