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Big “D” is the leading banking, financial, and trade center for the entire Southwest of the United States. Dallas is home to several world-renowned universities, companies on the Fortune 500, four major sports franchises, and one of the largest international airports in the world.

Dallas, once a wealth generator from cotton, oil, and cattle, is now ranked as one of the fastest-growing Fintech hubs. Innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors that have pivoted from traditional financial and business services are driving digital disruption and creating Fintech start-ups at a pace well beyond most major metro centers.



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Venu Ramakrishnappa

As a Community Partner, Venu is actively involved in expanding the FinTech Connector community in the Dallas metropolitan area. Venu brings with him two decades of experience in Financial Consulting for top Wall Street firms and is an entrepreneur connecting the financial services to the dominant sectors in Retail and Transportation. As a business consultant, Venu supports Fintech companies in the development of their products and services and also advises them in funding, frugal development, scaling and ramping up. Venu’s interest is in the practical application of Fintech using BlockChain and Crypto.

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