Dubai has increasingly become a hub for Fintech as it continues to showcase new and cutting-edge solutions in the region. On the back of its strong presence of being a financial hub for MENA, Dubai has quickly embraced to adapt to the new models, thinking and innovations that Fintech possesses. With an increasing buzz of innovators and enablers in the region, a forward-thinking government, along with new Fintech start-ups successfully building products and fundraising, Dubai has the right ingredients of becoming a Fintech hub.



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Ahmed Al-Balaghi

Ahmed Al-Balaghi is a Blockchain Researcher, Investor and Managing Director at Viewfin focusing his efforts and research on FinTech, Blockchain, and global industry trends.

Having spent over 2-years within the Blockchain industry in China, the U.K., and Dubai, he has developed deep industry expertise. His research and investments span across Blockchain protocols, digital assets, digital identity, crypto economics, and exchanges. He is also the Founder and Co-Host of ENCRYPTED, the first podcast dedicated to Blockchain in the Middle East.

He graduated with a first-class degree from the Queen Mary University of London studying Economics and Math. He then was awarded a scholarship to study Mandarin at Fudan University for two-years.

During his time at Fudan, he was the Cofounder and President of the Fudan Blockchain Association and was the FinTech Lead for an entrepreneurship project in Shanghai with a team of UK-China entrepreneurs and the British Government in Shanghai.

Ahmed has also worked in institutions such as Citibank, Dow Jones, Sequoia and Ofgem.

Ahmed can also speak Arabic and Chinese.

Ahmed is also a Co-Community Partner for FinTech Connector in Dubai.

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Amin Elkholy

An AI researcher who moved to investment management twenty years ago. I thrive on the start-up/early-stage atmosphere, and turning great ideas into successful businesses.

I qualified as a software engineer and then worked on using Artificial Intelligence for solving complex optimisation problems. Immediately after obtaining my PhD in 1997 I escaped the world of tech and spent 20 years in finance focusing in MENA asset management. I was involved in setting up and running several asset management teams and products in London and (since 2004) in Dubai. While on the run I was briefly recaptured, and served time with Parc Technologies, a tech spin-off from Imperial College, acquired by Cisco Systems in 2004. My escape attempt from technology came to an end late in 2016, when I realised that finance was no longer a safe haven with the advent of fintech. So I decided to stop running. I have since dedicated my time to reconnecting with my roots in tech, investing in and mentoring startups and being actively involved in bridging finance and technology.



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