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Frankfurt is known as the most important financial centre on the European mainland and one of the most important in the world. It’s also a gateway to Europe’s largest economy.  With the strong support of the government to strengthen Frankfurt’s position as a financial center, the Fintech landscape is thriving.  Companies aim to digitalize the financial industry, making it more efficient and customer oriented. The city has a strong startup culture, fast growth in funding, and a large talent pool of young professionals. Frankfurt capitalizes on its strengths in international finance. The Frankfurt Fintech ecosystem is growing rapidly and showing the culture of a thriving community.



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Manuela Sedvartaite

Dedicated to leveraging emerging technologies to transform the financial landscape, Manuela is a self-starter with a strong bias to action. Her diverse experience ranges from robotic process automation to Big 4 auditing, with a profound understanding of the recent trends in the blockchain industry. Before she founded SociumTrade, Manuela worked for big corporates like KPMG, Western Union, and AXA in Asia and Europe. She also holds a business degree from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

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