Lagos, Nigeria

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Lagos is a “One City State.” It covers only 0.4% of Nigeria’s territorial land mass, making it the smallest state in the country, however it accounts for over 60% of industrial and commercial activities in the nation. If taken as a country on its own, it would be the 11th largest economy in Africa. Lagos has a rich history of economic growth and transformation. Lagos has been able to diversify its economy and to considerably reduce its dependence on oil allocations but its potential as a tech hub in Africa is huge. As far as Fintech is concerned, Lagos will continue to be the go-to location for innovators and technology startups.




Chuta Chimezie

Chimezie Chuta is a Tech innovation professional, an author, a Drupal Web Application Developer, a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Educator, a Community organizer and friend of disruptive ideas! He is the founder of the Blockchain Nigeria User Group,, and Blockspace.Africa, among several other entrepreneurial initiatives in the Blockchain Tech industry. Mr. Chuta is an open source evangelist with a passion for influencing young people on how to leverage innovative technologies to chart a new course for their future.

Mr. Chuta is the FinTech Connector Community Partner for Lagos, Nigeria. In this capacity he will help create a local community of finance, tech, and business enablers and innovators within the Fintech ecosystem. Furthermore, he plans to expose the Lagos Fintech community to the global FinTech Connector members in order to drive collaboration and cultivation of Fintech ideas into financial services innovation both in Lagos and around the world.

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