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Despite the dark Brexit cloud looming over the UK, the London financial technology scene continues to flourish and proves that it is a major hub in the exciting Fintech world. UK capital has witnessed a continuous uplift in venture funding by reaching $3.3 billion of investments in the Fintech sector in 2018 and up to 18% year-on-year.

London as a fintech hub currently ranked 3rd in the world in terms of venture capital invested behind China and the US. From a European perspective, the UK is leading in investments into Fintech start-ups followed by Germany and Switzerland. Simply put in numbers, London fintech companies attracted almost the same amount as Berlin, Paris and Stockholm.

The digital revolution marches on in London where we have witnessed several spectacular examples in 2018. Digital bank Revolut raised $250 million making it one of the largest global venture capital deals in the world. Furthermore, Monzo quickly became another unicorn with valuation of over $1 billion.

Several big banks recognised the significance of disruptive technologies and innovative solutions and are offering accelerator programs and incubation hubs to stay ahead of the digital disruption happening in the financial services sector.

Moreover London’s attitude to financial regulation is refreshingly progressive.

These facts demonstrate that London is going from strength to strength as a global hub for financial technology, innovation and creativity and with the city’s openness and diversity coupled with international talent pool it will continue to maintain and firmly secure it’s global position in the future.




Elena Kozhemyakina

I am an economist by education and my work background is in sales.

The fun started when I decided to get MBA in Strategic Marketing and after graduation I ended up in Investment Banking. After watching my own bank going bust I slowly made my way into the buy-side world but hedge funds were going bust even faster. So I kept asking myself – there must be a better way and traditional ways of investing money is becoming more and more redundant and unreliable. And this is how I found everything I was looking for in Fintech.

Recently, I completed the Oxford university Fintech Programme and I am currently running my own project in vendor management and fintech solutions space and helping FinTech Connector to establish a vibrant community in the UK.

Fintech became my true passion and I am using my life long experience to convey this message to everyone.




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