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Newark’s time has arrived. Newark, also affectionately referred to by its moniker Brick City, has rapidly ascended the ranks as one of the nation’s top technology epicenters. New Jersey’s largest city, and the nation’s third oldest, has a long history of tech innovation beginning with the Bell company’s headquarters being built in 1917 to today’s home to Panasonic, Audible, PSEG, Prudential, Verizon and many other tech powerhouses.

Newark’s cornerstone advantage lies in its infrastructure and multimodal transportation hubs. The city is home to an international airport that handles over 30 million passengers a year and two train stations that provide 24-hour access to New York City on the busiest passenger rail line in America. It is also home to the third busiest port in the country, feeding a transportation and tech-driven logistics industry in a heavily utilized industrial corridor. Newark also boasts the ability to move data at speeds that far exceed the capabilities of most locations in the entire country. Due to its vast network of dark fiber buried under the city’s streets, Newark is able to ensure a responsive and reliable connection to its city’s tenants – especially important for fintech companies dealing with extremely large files, along with high-frequency traders.

Newark, with a deep talent pipeline of over 50,000 faculty, students and staff across 5 institutions of higher learning that rank among the country’s leading technical and engineering programs has positioned itself as the preeminent city for financial tech companies to attract and retain talent.



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David Martinez

As Community Partner, David’s mission is simple and that is to revolutionize the way professionals, thought leaders, investors and Fintech entrepreneurs connect, collaborate, and cultivate Fintech ideas into financial services innovation. His efforts are hyper-focused to the city that he proudly calls his birthplace – Newark, New Jersey. David is an advocate for the city’s Fintech and economic development and helps to promote public policies and invest in projects that enhance the city’s competitiveness.

David currently is Vice President at BNY Mellon responsible for supporting Alternatives clients including hedge funds, real estate and private equity firms; ensuring that fund administration services are delivered and acting as liaison between the service delivery teams and its clients. For 7 years prior to his current role, David embraced a variety of roles related to custody, business planning and development, financial regulatory matters, pricing analysis and strategy, and financial technology.

Outside of BNY Mellon, David dedicates time to his community through various initiatives on social and economic development. Over the last several years, he has served on a number of different boards including the ALPFA and New York Cares organizations. In 2017, David was selected to be a member of the Rutgers Real Estate Emerging Leaders Council. Most recently, David was appointed to the board of directors for Greater Newark Enterprises Corp, a non-profit and Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).

David earned a BS in Finance from Rutgers University.



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