Panama City

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Panama City is a thriving community with Fintech and Blockchain startups being created at a very fast pace.  Given the country’s huge Financial Service industry it will only be a matter of time before Panama becomes a major hub for Fintech in Latin America.

Panama has the right conditions to make a quantum leap in the digitization of its powerful financial sector. Panama comes out on top, for investing the most in digital innovation in Central America, with banks spending just over 17% of their budgets on innovation. 

Thanks to its strategic location, the Central American country is considered ideal for the development of the economy both in the region and in Latin America. This is the main reason that led a group of companies to create the Latin American Blockchain and Fintech Initiative (LABfin) to help the sector grow. This proactive approach will provide resources for this ecosystem to flourish in Panama, which will increase the process of regulation and adoption, as well as the chance off Panama becoming a huge Fintech Hub.

Panamanian authorities have continued to enhance the anti-money laundering regulations and the cooperation with global tax and financial counterparts.
Over the past decade, Panama has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with an average annual growth rate of 5.6 percent over the last five years.

The Fintech Connector looks to unite this community and become an asset to anyone in this industry.



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Christopher Carmine

Christopher has been bringing brilliant minds together by creating relationships that blossom into successful ventures for over 20 years.

An Entrepreneur since childhood. He is a Strategic Business Planner, Sales & Marketing Leader, Alliance Builder, and Networking Artist. Having a keen eye for opportunities and placing the right players together to create successful winning teams is what brings him the most satisfaction.

Fintech, Blockchain, and the future of the Digital Transformation is what fascinates Christopher and is what he is most passionate about. His knowledge on the fine details behind Digital Assets has become one of his biggest points of value as an investor, trader, and consultant.

Christopher loves Latin Culture and will be your Community Partner in Panama. He will help grow a very productive community in Panama City and vows to be at the service to all of it’s Innovators and Enablers in this thriving city.




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