Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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The presence of technology in financial services and in people's lives is and will be an increasingly important factor, especially in a country like the Dominican Republic where one of our main challenges is financial inclusion, a problem that can be improved with the implementation of technology.

The Dominican Republic, where online banking services have existed for quite some time, with frequent optimizations and updates regarding security, ease of navigation and increased functions, is not the exception as far as Fintech is concerned.

Today there are several bonified “Fintech Firms” operating in what can be classified as a largely unregulated market. A situation that has created a “gold rush” as more and more fintechs gravitate towards this Caribbean Island, trying to take advantage of the flexible financial landscape.

The Central Bank and other regulatory bodies have for some time now been actively working on designing regulation for fintechs to safely and securely operate in the DR. The reality is that they still may be quite some time away from delivering any real regulatory guidelines. In the background of this, a group composed of 19 Fintech companies (Annexis Next Generation Group SRL, being one of them) form the first Fintech Association in the Dominican Republic “ADONFINTECH,” Each of which now adds to the enablers and innovators ecosystem now residing or frequently visiting the DR.




Erick Caceres

Founder, Next Generation Financial Partners  | Fintech Connector Master Connector

As FinTech Connector Community Partner, I lead the local effort in the Dominican Republic through the implementation and management of curated events and strategic partnerships.

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised between New York City and the Dominican Republic, gives me a unique perspective on Fintech’s most influential city and a relatively virgin but up and coming country. My collective experience as Senior Advisor in the Future of Financial Services, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, and ICOs, Strategic Partnerships, Cross-Border Payments, e-Money Solutions, & ERP,  Master Connector & Enabler allows me to serve as an enabler to innovators who join our platform.

As Fintech Connector’s DR Community Partner, I intend to unite and offer these innovators and enablers a place to CONNECT, COLLABORATE and CULTIVATE fintech projects and continue to disrupt financial services as the DR population know it. 

Angel Lorente