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Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It ranks first in the Global Economic Power Index. 51 of the companies listed on the Fortune Global 500 are based in Tokyo.

Tokyo’s leadership of the global Fintech ecosystem is supported on a number of levels. The local Tokyo government actively promotes Fintech through accelerator programs to attract foreign financial services companies. The Fintech Association of Japan (FJA) represents Japan’s leading Fintech companies. The FJA is also driving a collaborative project to transform Japan's incumbent banks with an open API. Also, the vibrant Tokyo Fintech Association of 1,600 members is growing in stature.

Tokyo’s transformative financial culture is strongly supportive of its dynamic Fintech ecosystem and is generously welcoming to all entries into the Japanese Fintech market.



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Savio Gomez

Capt. Savio Gomez is an entrepreneur and an independent active Advisor to startups, projects, organisations, exchanges and more in the Fintech, Blockchain & AI space. He has close to three decades of international and diverse experience in the Transportation & Technology field. With an MBA in international business, trade & logistics, Savio is a certified Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence professional, and a Master Mariner with degrees leading up to a PhD. He is also an auditor for HSQE systems and accredited by several organisations.

Besides being an advisor to several organisations, crypto-exchanges, market makers, accelerator funds, investment funds; Savio also advises Start-ups in strategic matters like partnerships, exchange listings, best practices, market relations, capital introduction and continuing to scale globally.

With continued engagement with a community of professionals - who are keen to share, learn and stay updated on the latest trends and topics in the FinTech space - connecting people and building community are simply the way ahead to growth in all aspects.

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