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Poland is the biggest Fintech market in Central and Eastern Europe, and Warsaw is positioned as a hub of financial technology in the region. It is home to some start-ups and a wide range of Fintech events, which brings innovators and enablers into the same space to cross ideas and paths. Warsaw is properly poised to be one of the major European Fintech hubs attracting and supporting the growth of innovative ideas.



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Jaroslaw Sarwa

As a Community Partner, I am actively involved in expanding the FinTech Connector community in Warsaw.

Having the entrepreneurial and 10+ years’ experience as a Business Development Manager and advisor within big consulting and IT companies, with a passion for emerging trends and technologies in Fintech, allows me to be an effective influencer.

As a business and technology consultant, I am supporting Fintech companies in the development of their products and services and also advising them on business development activities. 

Being an organizer, participant of Fintech events, and through my business network, I have a chance to get to know both innovators and enablers which helps me to be an active connector, supporting start-ups in their development.   

Because Warsaw is a regional Fintech hub, my goal is to connect the whole community through FinTech Connector and promote better collaboration among enablers and innovators that will contribute to the growth and development of the Fintech sector in this region.



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