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Zurich is considered one of the world’s most important fintech hubs. Furthermore, Switzerland has experienced strong fintech growth over the past years ending 2018 with over 356 registered fintech startups. Switzerland has also seen an influx of capital particularly focusing on fintech and blockchain projects. With it’s innovative culture and world-renowned Crypto Valley, Switzerland and Zurich in particular continue to be the place to be to cultivate fintech innovation. From a regulatory perspective, the ecosystem is supported by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) that allows fintechs to work on their projects within a sandbox-style platform to encourage innovation.




Fabian P. Lehner

I am a banking professional with more than 15 years of experience, working as a Director in Private Banking for a Swiss bank. In 2017, I completed the Master in Private Banking & Wealth Management.

By way of my professional activities, my studies, and my active personal engagement with digitization, I am not only well informed about the current development in the banking industry, but also personally involved in developing future trends and innovations. As an Angel Investor, I know the importance of providing professional support to startups and having a deep and experienced network to leverage.

During my international assignment in New York from late 2018 through early 2019, I expanded my network in the fintech space and became a FinTech Connector member in New York. I attended events organized by FinTech Connector, I met enablers and innovators, and I experienced the power of this community.

It is serious, it is happening, and now it is in Zurich!

Lastly, after graduating from the Oxford Fintech Programme from the Saïd Business School, I can now see how important having a good fintech community is and how essential good partnerships are to the success of this ecosystem.

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Angel Lorente