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The Exclusive fintech Network

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FinTech Connector is the first exclusive online membership community that connects local fintech entrepreneurs and start-ups (Innovators) with global professionals, thought leaders, and investors (Enablers) for the purpose of disrupting financial services with cutting edge technology.

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FinTech Connector members have exclusive access to the tools and resources they need to help them connect, collaborate, and invest in fintech initiatives around the world. FinTech Innovators will no longer be limited to Enablers in their local cities and regions and Enablers will now have access to a global community of Innovators looking to disrupt financial services.

FinTech Connector is the new engine of the financial innovation economy.
— Steve Wasserman, Founder, CEO, & Architect of Vments, Inc.

A global Fintech community

FinTech Connector understands the importance of “local” communities of Enablers and Innovators. Connecting and sharing expertise as influencers, innovators, and thought-leaders enables members to help drive innovation forward in their respective communities. But what makes FinTech Connector truly unique is connecting local communities with a global network of Enablers and Innovators through virtual events, forums, and targeted webinars, thereby bringing the process of disruption to a vast, global audience.

We have communites all around the world — from New York to Sao Paulo and Nairobi to Shanghai. View our communities here.

FinTech Connector is rapidly scaling as the preeminent global Fintech community.
— Henry Huang, Executive Director at Rabobank

A Global Network of Events


Social Networking events

Networking Events such as the original gathering of MIT FinTech cohorts bring FinTech Connector members together to connect, socialize, and discuss fintech innovations.

Pitch Presentation Night

Presentation Night offers an invaluable opportunity for Innovators to practice their pitch and receive constructive feedback from other FinTech Connector members.

Fireside Chats with Fintech members

One-on-one meetings with CEOs and investors offer FinTech Connector members unique opportunities to learn directly from experienced entrepreneurs, providing them with invaluable advice and insights.


Our Technology Demo Day provides members with previews and insight into existing, cutting-edge fintech technologies.


Coming in 2018, the FinTech Connector Syndicate brings together select teams of FinTech Enablers and Innovators to create accelerated MVPs, explainer videos, and business plans, as well as helping member Innovators raise capital and take their ideas from concept to a viable business.


Coming in 2018, Brain Dates offer Fintech Connector members the opportunity to create customized, targeted sessions to share ideas, create work groups, and pitch fintech innovations.



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