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FinTech Connector delivers superior events, member value, and global connectivity.
— Rashid Mayes, Senior Solutions Architect at Aerospike, Inc.

FinTech Connector brings together Enablers and Innovators around the world via an online networking, events, and collaboration platform. Members plan, build, and invest in cutting edge fintech innovations that will disrupt financial services.

As a FinTech Connector member you will enjoy the exclusive benefits below, as well as many additional opportunities to help expand your sphere of influence in the global fintech community.


  • Highlight your profile to promote your expertise and areas of fintech interest

  • Promote your professional services to a global fintech community

  • Find and connect with Enablers and Innovators looking for your professional expertise

  • Highlight and promote your original fintech articles, books, and videos

  • Receive discounted or free access to “real world” fintech events and virtual webinars

  • Participate in FinTech Connector Syndicate groups that support and invest in member Innovators


  • Highlight your profile to promote your fintech innovation, including pitch presentation & explainer video

  • Promote your fintech innovation to a global group of fintech enablers & investors

  • Find and connect with enablers offering professional services that you need to grow your fintech innovation

  • Present or demo your fintech innovation or start-up at local FinTech Connector events

  • Receive discounted or free access to “real world” fintech events and virtual webinars

  • Receive a seed investment opportunity from the FinTech Connector Syndicate group (by invitation only)


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The first 200 people to join by November, 2017 will receive a special offer to be the Founding FinTech Connector Members.



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