Vments: Digital Money For Your Digital Bank

By Steve Wasserman — Member of FinTech Connector / New York

Does your organization have, or are they working on, a highly secured, fully functional, and integrated digital bank banking platform? Vments can help with “Digital Money For Your Digital Bank”.

Vments, virtual payments, is an Enterprise Digital Banking Core Platform and Ecosystem using a non-crypto hybrid blockchain solution providing real-time peer to peer value and data transfers offered through a network of banks and financial services firms.

At the core of the platform is our patent pending virtual fiat money and smart transactions, which leverage the benefits of a blockchain core with a secure cloud layer, providing scale and additional security.

Our targeted network of clients and partners can extend their existing online and mobile apps with our “true digital cash” we call CommunityVcash. Our “true digital credit” equivalent is called CommunityVcredit. Combined these products provide “Digital Money For Your Digital Bank”.

This is just the first use case of Vments to reduce costs and risks, open new revenue opportunities, provide a new merchant services economic model, and retain and grow your customer base. Our Clients and Partners will share in the benefit of the network effect and be able to address the rapidly changing competitive landscape head-on.

Let’s work together on Banking Into the Future.

For more information, please connect with Steve Wasserman via FinTech Connector.