Connecting People For Impact - Latinos & Fintech

By Angel Lorente - Founder & Master Connector - FinTech Connector

ALPFA New York Chapter Board Members, professional speakers, and FinTech Connector Innovator Members

ALPFA New York Chapter Board Members, professional speakers, and FinTech Connector Innovator Members

On Monday, June 18th, FinTech Connector had the honor of participating in the 3rd Annual Tech Summit hosted by ALPFA and Bloomberg in the beautiful, global headquarters of Bloomberg in the heart of New York City. We were not only participating in the Summit, but we had a key role of inviting two of our FinTech Connector Innovator Members to pitch and demo their Fintech products and services to a diverse audience of approximately 250+ enthusiastic finance, business, and tech professionals.

Angel Lorente introducing FinTech Connector to the ALPFA Community

Angel Lorente introducing FinTech Connector to the ALPFA Community

This event was special for me. I have been a member of ALPFA for over 10 ten years and served on the NY Chapter Board as Chief Operating Officer and Chief of Staff for over three years culminating in winning Chapter of the Year in 2016. Subsequent to winning our award, I stepped down in early 2017 to start FinTech Connector but always remained close to my ALPFAmilia (translates to ALPFA Family).

What is ALPFA?

ALPFA is the Association of Latino Professionals for America. They are the largest and most significant Latino professional networking organization in the world with over 92,000 members comprised of 160 student chapters and 45 professional chapters. The purpose of ALPFA is to connect Latino Leaders for impact across industries and cities around the United States. More importantly, they believe in the idea of perpetual connectivity throughout the career and professional journey of their members.

Sunil Gangwani speaking about Plootus

Sunil Gangwani speaking about Plootus

How is FinTech Connector similar to ALPFA?

ALPFA’s purpose is about building ongoing relationships in the Latino community. FinTech Connector’s vision of connecting the global Fintech Community for impact mirrors the purpose of ALPFA but for a different community. 

I firmly believe that creating a community that connects enablers (professionals, thought leaders, investors, etc.) with innovators (Fintech entrepreneurs, C-suite level at startups, etc.) to collaborate on Fintech ideas with the ultimate goal of cultivating those ideas into innovation is critical to the success of the transformations that are currently revolutionizing financial services.

Atish Sawant presenting Investfly to the ALPFA & Bloomberg crowd

Atish Sawant presenting Investfly to the ALPFA & Bloomberg crowd

For FinTech Connector, it was a no-brainer to partner with ALPFA to help them plan and execute their 3rd Annual Tech Summit to educate their members, showcase innovative Fintech ideas, and connect people for impact.

The Importance of Bringing Diverse Communities Together

At first glance, you wouldn’t think that having a co-hosted event between a Latino professional development association and a community of Fintech enablers and innovators would be a natural fit. However, the reality is that more and more Latinos are entering the financial services and technology industry as consultants and employees. Furthermore, second and third generation Latino millennials are plugged into the tech disruption and innovation that is happening in financial services and are curious about the impact it will have on their families, friends, and communities.  

Our FinTech Innovators on Stage

When Hernando Moyano, the Director of Programming for the NY Chapter of ALPFA, asked us to identify innovative entrepreneurs for the Summit, we turned to our newly released Member Platform to find NY based FinTech Connector innovator members to join their distinguished panel of speakers on stage - executives from Bloomberg, PwC, and Blackrock to name a few.

The innovators we selected to present and demo their Fintech innovations are creating solutions that would appeal to the audience of finance, consulting, tech professionals, and entrepreneurs.

The two innovators that participated from FinTech Connector were:

Sunil Gangwani - Co-Founder of Plootus

Plootus offers an easy to use & integrated financial planning product for retirement. It integrates all expenses, income, and investments of an individual at one place and provides 24/7 access through iOS and Android apps. So no need to login to multiple websites or apps to access your banks, credit cards, investment, retirement accounts.

Atish Sawant - Co-Founder of InvestFly

Investfly is a codeless automation platform that allows investors to simply create automated trading rules and triggers to better manage risk by leveraging their existing brokerage account and trading knowledge.

Giving Our Members The Platform

This event showcasing our FinTech Connector members is one example of how we are planning to connect the global Fintech community. By putting Fintech innovators in front of a crowd of interested enablers that can help make things happen for them as they progress on their entrepreneurial journey. On the flip side, the enablers in the room can envision how their professional experience can be leveraged to help these up and coming Fintech innovators solve “real world” financial services problems.

It is a win-win opportunity for all the parties involved. 

In the end, the purpose of FinTech Connector is to connect Fintech enablers with Fintech innovators to innovate financial services that will help people around the world. Just like ALPFA connects students to professionals to help them on their professional and career journey.

This is the start of a great relationship between two communities coming together for IMPACT.

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