From NY to LA, Community Partners Partnering To Develop Fintech Communities!

By Yamiz Bachkhaz - Community Partner - New York & FinTech Connector Member

Yamiz and Kim in LA.jpeg

It began with our Community Partner from Los Angeles, Kim Miller-Anderson visiting NY and joining the FinTech Connector crew for dinner. While enjoying Pongsri’s delicious Thai food, Kim revealed she will be holding an event in February. I mentioned that I may be in town and would love to attend, and that is exactly what I did. Kim sent out the date and post on LinkedIn and I commented, “I hope you have room for one more!” 

Fast-forward the flight, typical LA traffic, not so typical rain storms and I am at the event hosted by MADIA.

Kim demonstrated her vast knowledge and expertise on “The Growth of FinTech and Blockchain.” Her insights and clear articulation gave breadth to the professionals eager to understand more about the practical applications, where it all started, where it’s going and how it’s being used today in the real world. Before you know it, all hands go up, everyone is engaged, everyone is fascinated, everyone is contributing, and everyone is intrigued to learn more. Kim provided business use cases, answered questions and presented elaborate visuals throughout her slides. 

Now, although sometimes we may not want them to, every event must come to an end. But, not without the networking to top it off! Shared business cards, LinkedIns, phone numbers, and let’s not forget WeChat profiles, to amalgamate via FinTech Connector’s Platform where we consolidate our expertise to meet the growing demands of today’s financial services industry.

It’s great knowing that when you travel to different cities, members and Community Partners of FinTech Connector are always there to support you!