Fireside Chat Series: Farrah Lakhani - OakNorth.AI

By Angel Lorente— Co-founder & Master Connector at FinTech Connector

In this episode, Angel Lorente sits down with Farrah Lakhani, the Director of Growth & Operations at OakNorth Analytical Intelligence to learn about her career journey and how she made a significant pivot from investment banking into the fintech world.

Farrah shares her candid feedback regarding her many years as an investment banker at JP Morgan, her thought process around making a significant career transition into the Fintech world, and how she is handling her new role at OakNorth.AI.

Farrah makes the point that fintech is not about taking away jobs in areas that require strong analytical skills, however more mundane and manual processes will be impacted as technology is better and faster at doing these jobs.

She also outlines her leadership role at OakNorth.AI and her priorities as the Director of Growth & Operations in the United States, which has only increased in importance after the $440 million investment led by the Softbank Vision Fund giving the company a $2.8 billion valuation - making it one of the world’s most well-funded fintechs.

All of the above and more can be heard on this episode of FinTech Connector’s Fireside Chat Series.

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