Navigating Tokenland

By Mike Rogers — Member of FinTech Connector / New York

Technology of ethereum Source: © Štěpán Kápl, Adobe Stock -  FILE #:   204124669

Technology of ethereum Source: © Štěpán Kápl, Adobe Stock - FILE #: 204124669

At Augmate, we are passionate about bringing the power of IoT, Blockchain and AI to the world. As the first to market, and now the world’s leading device management solution for wearable technology, we believe in expanding internet connectivity beyond traditional devices. In order to harness the true potential of technology, we must connect all things with the same eloquent simplicity of wearables. However, significant technological advancements must first occur in order to bring this vision to life. Augmate sees the recent evolution in funding mechanisms providing the necessary capital to finance Industry 4.0.

We are constantly asked about the relationship between our technology and cryptoassets. Augmate believes that it is best to share our knowledge of the digital asset industry with our investors, customers, partners and the community as a whole. We intend to actively participate in the discussion and lead with integrity in establishing the principles, standards, and best practices for the industry moving forward. We are committed to the digital asset market and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, ensuring transparency and open communications with all of our stakeholders. As stated by Smith and Crown, “The rapid emergence and popularity of tokens and ICOs presents an opportunity for the community to come together in establishing best practices and practical solutions to common problems through active, open discourse.” This is the first, in a multi-blog series on Navigating Tokenland.

Lewis Carroll’s classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is best known for its narrative course, structure, and imagery. One cannot help but compare the fictional “Wonderland” to the all too real “Tokenland.” Both universes were created by pseudonymous visionaries who ignited the intellectual curiosity of humanity. Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology are currently in the process of reshaping our world. There are countless rabbit holes that one can venture down when discussing bitcoin and blockchain, but for the purposes of this series, we will primarily focus on the cryptoasset market and the related subject of tokenomics.

One of the main objectives throughout this series will be to distill the complex information found within this evolving industry into actionable insights for our community stakeholders. Now you may be wondering, what is a cryptoasset? We view cryptoassets as a blanket term to describe those assets within the digital economy that were made possible through the technical innovation of blockchain technology. Similar to the concept of economics, tokenomics is the study of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services within the digital economy through the utilization of cryptoassets. Augmate strives to contribute quality content to the cryptoasset community, with the hope that it will be used as a point of reference for those seeking guidance in the digital world.

DISCLAIMER: The following article is republished with the express permission of the author Mike Rogers. The original article was published on Medium on November 6, 2018.