Our Global Footprint Is Growing In Eastern Europe

By Jaroslaw Sarwa — Community Partner & FinTech Connector Member / Warsaw

Poland is the biggest Fintech market in Central and Eastern Europe, and Warsaw is positioned as a hub of financial technology in the region. It is home to visionary start-ups and a wide range of Fintech events, which brings innovators and enablers into the same space to cross ideas and paths. Warsaw is properly poised to be one of the major European Fintech hubs attracting and supporting the growth of innovative ideas. 

As the new FinTech Connector Community Partner in Warsaw, I am leading the global Fintech initiative in Poland and Eastern Europe and am excited that our community is moving forward to contribute to the impact of Fintech innovation worldwide.

Being an organizer, participant of Fintech events, and through my business network, I have a chance to get to know both innovators and enablers which helps me to be an active connector, supporting start-ups in their development and creating connections for enabler members.

Because Warsaw is a regional Fintech hub, my goal is to connect the global community through FinTech Connector and promote better collaboration among enablers and innovators to contribute to the growth and development of the Fintech sector in this region.

It is an exciting time for me professionally as an advisor and project manager in the global sphere. I champion clients’ challenges as they pivot to Fintech and Blockchain business technology solutions and deploy new models.

Trust and experience in digital transformation are the primary requirements for today’s business relations. My passion is harnessing today's business technologies and helping shape the future not only for my clients but the new participants in the Fintech and Blockchain ecosystems.

Let’s connect and explore the new narrative!


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