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Israel, the Start Up Nation.

Over the last decade, the technology industry in Israel has been the main driving force of the nation's economy. The Israeli business environment and culture has always supported entrepreneurship and startups. Israel has supportive regulation and economic reforms, and it ranks among the leading countries in numbers of NASDAQ-listed high-tech companies. In the fintech aspect, there are approximately 500 Fintech startups registered in Israel, most of them have activities in the global market.  


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Sheila Friede

As Community Partner of FinTech Connector in Israel, I am thrilled of the opportunity to connect the Israeli Fintech community to entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders, and organizations around the world. In return, I will work with our FinTech Connector Innovator members globally to introduce them to our talented Israeli finance, business, and technology professionals that can help them build and grow their fintech startups.

I am a fintech specialist with over fifteen years of experience in finance, business management, and strategy consulting, specializing in fintech & innovative solutions for organizations.

In 2016 I founded Fintech Fever Ltd., as an investment banking services firm backed by a large community of investors. Our goal is to seek, select, and invest in fintech solutions which can radically impact small and medium businesses (SMB's), changing the way business is conducted. In Israel, 99.5% of businesses are self-employed, SMB's, that generate 52% of the country's GDP (Reference: Ministry of Economy Report for 2018). I believe that SMB's are the driving force behind every country's economy. That is why in Fintech Fever, we are striving to create a solid foundation for startups to accelerate their financial innovations.

I am also a volunteer CEO of City TLV Organization and CEO of Israel-Malta Chamber of Commerce.

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Shmuel Ben-Tovim

I have been involved for many years in the development of the economy of Israel, both in public and private capacities, with special attention to financial services and Fintech.

I run Ben-Tovim Consultants Ltd. an investment bank which specialize in connecting Israeli technology entrepreneurs with global sources of funding – VC's, private equity funds, HNW individuals and angel investors.

In 2013 I established City TLV, an NGO that is creating the first ecosystem for Fintech in Israel, by connecting all the stakeholders: Fintech innovators, legacy banks and financial institutions, regulators and local authorities. We have signed MOUs with a growing number of Fintech innovation centers around the world and always welcome new opportunities for collaboration.

Since 2018 I Chair the Israel-Malta Chamber of Commerce, where much of our initiatives have to do with Fintech, Blockchain and financial regulations.






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