New York City

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NYC is positioned as a global leader in Fintech, drawing in the most prominent influencers, start-ups, and opportunities from around the world. The intersection between the hub of finance (Wall St) and the tech industry (Silicon Valley) where the tide is turning, has NYC coming out on top. This is where the leading FinTech accelerators are located, and best positioned to help startups, professionals, and thought leaders to thrive.



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John M. Liz

As Co-community Partner of FinTech Connector, Yamiz Bachkhaz and I lead the localization growth and plan real-world events in NYC. We draw upon world-class thought-leaders, entrepreneurs, and financial professionals to grow our sphere of influence.

I am a NYC native with an entrepreneurial, results-oriented mindset, along with 10+ years experience as a finance/accounting executive within some of the largest public and privately-held Fortune 100 companies. My experience includes wealth management, prime brokerage, banking and the capital market space.

As a leading CFO outsourcing executive,  I support companies with hands-on finance analysis, business management and strategic planning and implementation.

I am a Master Connector that thrives on connecting and cultivating our NYC FinTech Connector community members in one of the fastest-growing Fintech markets while leveraging my prior experiences/network to facilitate high-tier collaborations. 


Yamiz Bachkhaz

As Co-community Partner, John Liz and I localize the FinTech Connector New York City Community. With an MBA from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and my ability to speak Arabic and Mandarin, I have been able to engage and support start-ups from the U.S., Middle East, and China as a business and decentralized community developer. Through the experiences I have had with FinTech Connector, I was able to become the Co-Founder of a decentralized social impact network on the blockchain.

My influence as Co-community Partner comes from continually exploring the Fintech space and having the creative freedom to cultivate unique events with world-class thought leaders and entrepreneurs and creating invaluable networking opportunities that bring together the highest-level caliber of professionals.

Through these events, we build relationships with financial institutions, tech companies, fintech/blockchain organizations, and universities.

We established the network of Fintech communities, not only in New York City, but also around the globe so people everywhere can connect and collaborate on their Fintech ideas and cultivate those ideas into financial services innovations.

My professional expertise lies in developing opportunities for start-ups and innovators and advising financial institutions as the new face of innovative finance in NYC.






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