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Bahrain has been home to the Gulf’s longest established financial centre and is one of the most diversified and digital economies in the Gulf region. With key stakeholders in the Fintech ecosystem including regulators, financial institutions, entrepreneurs and investors being innovation-driven, Bahrain has positioned itself as the Fintech hub of the region. Fintech has been the driving force behind the technology-led innovation in Bahrain.



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Narayanan Ganapathy

As a Community Partner, I connect, collaborate and cultivate relationships with the local fintech fraternity in Bahrain, helping them plug into the global network of like-minded fintech professionals through the FinTech Connector platform.

With the massive proliferation of the Fintech ecosystem across the globe, together with the FinTech Connector leadership team, I explore partnerships with other Fintech organizations making valued added contributions to unique events by leveraging my professional background and experience in finance and investment, as well as FinTech Connector’s access to world-class thought leaders and entrepreneurs.

As an angel investor and investment manager, I do see a phenomenal deal flow both globally and locally across various verticals including Fintech. My day job involves interacting with startup founders and evaluating opportunities from an investment standpoint. In the process, I get to see a wide spectrum of innovative Fintech ideas from entrepreneurs that require nurturing and support. Providing such innovators access to the FinTech Connector platform and a pathway to reach out to the global community of enablers is truly exciting!




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