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Chicago acts as the epicenter for all FinTech activity in the Midwest, emerging as an attractive alternative to over-saturated and expensive New York and Silicon Valley. It is home to top universities like Northwestern and University of Chicago, and financial institutions like Discover, Northern Trust, Allstate, Morningstar, Envestnet and dozens more contributing to its already significant talent pool. With the presence of entities like Avant, Braintree, Chicago Blockchain Project, Hadera Hashgraph, OppLoans, and M1 Finance, Chicago has firmly established itself as a FinTech Hub.  With government support, favorable regulatory environment, co-working spaces and VC investments from the likes of Hyde Park Venture Partners, FinTEx and CME, Fintech Entrepreneurs can quickly setup here to start innovating to create groundbreaking technology and disruptive business models.


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Vikas Bansal

Vikas Bansal is a seasoned Technology and Business executive with over 25 years’ experience in Financial Services, Technology, and Consulting. He is passionate about enabling client-centricity and value-creation via digitalization and nuanced operating models. As a keen observer and researcher of trends and opportunities that contextualize Fintech and the various thematic areas of Fintech innovation and disruptive technologies, he has helped businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals in varied roles as an adviser, consultant, and a coach.

Vikas is an investor, adviser and a community-partner at FinTech Connector. Based in Chicago, his goal is to help grow the community of Fintech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and enablers in Chicago and around the globe. 

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Yankun Guo

Yankun is Principal Attorney at the Law Office of Yankun Guo, where she advises financial services and technology (FinTech) clients on corporate, securities, and regulatory issues. She also advises small and midsize businesses entering into the China on joint-venture, partnership, banking, and corporate issues.

Yankun began her career at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, a global futures and derivatives exchange, (CME Group)’s Transactions and Commercial Relations Group and Corporate Compliance team. She has drafted and negotiated hundreds of technology agreements. Her background in mathematics and technology allows her to bridge the gap between law and technology and provide top tier legal service for her technology clients.

Yankun has extensive regulatory experience and have worked directly with both state and federal regulators. She has responded to both federal and state examinations and understand how to work with regulators to achieve her client’s needs. Having a background in both the securities and derivatives, Yankun has been invited to speak at numerous conferences this year on regulatory issues surrounding ICOs and blockchain.

Additionally, Yankun has act as counsel for numerous start-up companies helping them with company formation, website disclosure review, drafting terms and conditions and privacy policies, creating business agreements, IP protection such as trademark registration, and general advisory. She acts as a strategic partner to these start-ups to help them achieve their business goals.



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